ClearSense™ Toe Treatment

ClearSense™ s a laser that heats the nail bed, getting rid of the underlying fungus and giving you clearer, healthier looking nails. ClearSense™ is an easy treatment to perform. It is non-toxic and you can treat all ten toes in 15-20 minutes. Patients can return to normal activity immediately.

ClearSense™ Wart Treatment

Warts (also called verruca) are generally more common among children and young adults than among older persons. Most are less than 0.6cm (a quarter of an inch) in diameter. They may be flat or raised and dry or moist. Usually they have a rough, pitted surface and are either flesh colored or darker than the surrounding skin. They usually develop on the fingers and hands, but may also occur on the elbows, face, scalp, or other areas. When on especially vulnerable parts of the body, such as the knee or elbow, they are subject to irritation and may become quite tender.

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