11 Advantages of The Vivace Experience Collagen Induction Therapy

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May 29, 2018
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May 29, 2018

11 Advantages of The Vivace Experience Collagen Induction Therapy

Is your skin in need of rejuvenation? Perhaps you have acne scars, bags under your eyes or tired-looking skin.

Janel Zitzka, LPN, Director of The Advanced Laser Clinic at Associated Dermatology and Skin Care Clinic of Helena, sees a lot of patients with these issues. She can offer them an all-natural, cutting-edge, virtually pain-free, non-surgical treatment that renews the skin by stimulating the body’s own production of collagen and elastin, the primary structural proteins in skin cells.

Associated Dermatology is the only clinic in the state of Montana with the advanced Vivace Experience, a process that employs gold-tipped microneedles to create channels in the skin, and LED lights, radio frequency waves and serums to stimulate collagen growth and kill the bacteria that cause acne.

It’s a safe and easy method of replenishing skin and producing a healthy glow. Here are 11 things you need to know about The Vivace Experience:

1. It is very comfortable. Zitzka and her team apply a numbing cream 30-45 minutes before the treatment to ensure a comfortable patient experience. The tiny needles puncture deep into the dermis, deeper than traditional microneedling, to trigger new collagen and elastin production, firm the skin and reduce scars and stretch marks.

2. It’s safe and effective. Approved by the FDA, The Vivace Experience uses your body’s own defenses to improve skin texture and firmness.

3. Radio Frequency, L.E.D. and post-treatment serums reinforce the impact. Radio Frequency (RF) provides heat to tighten skin and stimulate collagen production, as does an LED light attached to the microneedles. All three combined reinforce each other. Serums added after treatment continue to work as your skin channels remain open for hours.

4. You can go on a date six hours later. Channels remain open for 4-6 hours after treatment, during which patients are advised to follow post-treatment protocols. After that, patients can wash their faces, shower, apply make-up and resume normal activity. If you go on a date, your skin will glow.

5. It doesn’t take long, but you might want to stay. The whole treatment lasts 30-45 minutes, with another 30-45 minutes of preparation. But some patients come early to enjoy the spa-like atmosphere and the private waiting room with coffee, tea and snacks.

6. It just gets better and better. Patients report that their skin immediately felt better and shined later the same day. As the body continues regenerating collagen, the effects continue to increase for months.

7. It only takes three treatments. Usually three treatments, spaced 4-6 weeks apart, provide the results most patients seek.

8. Men love it! Because microneedling is all-natural and involves no fillers or toxins, men have been getting on board. “They love it,” says Zitzka. “There’s the immediate gratification of a healthy glow and then the collagen builds up for 6-18 months.”

9. The staff have all tried it themselves. Zitzka and her team in the clinic have all enjoyed The Vivace Experience and can attest to its many benefits.

10. The healthier you live, the better your results. Avoiding alcohol and tobacco, eating right and exercising, drinking enough water and protecting your skin from the sun reinforce the effects of collagen infusion therapy.

11. It’s on sale all month. Through the end of March, The Advanced Laser Clinic at Associated Dermatology and Skin Care Clinic of Helena is offering a complimentary neck treatment with each full face treatment purchased.

If you would like luminous skin, contact Associated Dermatology and Skin Care of Helena for an appointment at 406-324-7447 or laserclinic@associateddermhelena.com.

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