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Forever Young BBL PhotoFacial:

We utilize Broad Band Light (BBL) to effectively address sun damage, age spots, liver spots, rosacea, flushing, vessels and more. Additionally, studies from Stanford University done with our equipment have proven that regular PhotoFacial “maintenance” treatments actually delay skin aging. You will see improvements after your first treatment, however, we recommend a package of treatments spaced 3-4 weeks apart for optimal results. Visit:


Finally, a VIRTUALLY PAIN FREE removal procedure has arrived! We are proud to introduce Forever Bare BBL Hair Removal which uses a unique technology to offer faster and more effective treatments – virtually PAIN FREE.  AS COMFORTABLE AS A HOT STONE MASSAGE VISIT:

SkinTyte: Skin Tightening for Both Face and Body:

New advances in light technology allow us to tone and tighten lax tissue with this non- invasive treatment. By heating the deep layers of your skin to precise temperatures, we are able to not only tighten collagen but actually stimulate the generation of new collagen for long term improvement. Common areas of treatment include the neck (turkey gobble!), abdomen, lower buttocks (banana rolls!), and face.

Tyte & Bryte:

Combining our PhotoFacial with SkinTyte results in a transforming result that will have you looking absolutely fabulous. This completely non-invasive treatment has minimal downtime and maximum results.

“Last Chance Gulch Laser Facial”

Utilizing our 1064 Nd: YAG laser this treatment is safe year round to rejuvenate your skin improving wrinkles, redness, tone and texture. All without anything even touching your skin! Ask us if this pain free treatment series is right for you!

BBL Acne Therapy:

Depending on the severity of your acne we are able to utilize a combination of light and laser therapies to effectively clear up affected areas and minimize flare ups. This alternative to prescription medication has minimal side effects and typically takestreatment sessions. Maintenance treatments average every 6 months after your initial therapy.

Clearsense Laser – Treatment for Toenail Fungus and Warts:

Tired of not being able to wear flip flops in the summer? After 2-3 treatment sessions with our FDA cleared Clearsense laser you can expect clearance of your nail as it naturally grows out over time. Typical outcomes result in clearance of the nail and overall improvement in appearance. Wart treatments also available! Visit


Associated Dermatology & Advanced Laser Clinic

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At the Advanced Laser Clinic of Associated Dermatology, Janel will make sure that keeping your relaxed and composed image is never compromised. We promise to be there for you when you need us, regardless of the time or day (1) . We understand your busy schedule, impromptu (and fleeting) free moments and general demands of life, work and family. Flexibility of scheduling is priceless. We will do our best to work around your schedule to ensure that Botox continues to be a treat for you, rather than a burden.


Consultations are Always Complimentary

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(1) Applies to regular business hours, excludes weekends and holidays.
(2) The opinion of Dr. Patrick Bitter, Jr.
* Janel Zitzka, LPN, Certified Laser Technician. Certified Laser Safety Officer, Certified Botox and Juvederm Injector, CAC Level 3

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